I have placed my comments and supporting evidence on the RAGE website.  The document is quite lengthy, but then it is distilled from literally thousands of pages of planning documents and background evidence papers – some of the latter being more lengthy than the Plan itself.

I have tried to provide my own views, backed up by evidence where this is available.

It is important that you respond in your own words to any of the issues that you wish to object to, or support.  Your response must be what you think about the issue, not what I have put.  My own views are published in the hope that they may help to crystallize your own thoughts.

If you intend to use the online Consultation System you may find it to be quite complicated.

At the Killamarsh Consultation evening I did ask Helen Fairfax, the Planning Policy Manager, if it was possible to send a letter of objection/comment.  She said that it was but the probability was that it would not be seen by the Government Inspector because it was not in the specified format.  It would be fortunate if he/she saw it.  However, if that is what you want to do, send it anyway.  It will be counted and should be read.

Paper copies of the form can be downloaded from the online form.  Can those more technically aware help those not so aware, if they need it.

Kevin Wood is doing a helpful guide to completing the form which will be on the RAGE website together with this document and my submission.

A separate form must be completed in respect of your comments about each of the sections in the Local Plan.  I have a couple of spare forms if they are needed.  There are 10 chapters to the Local Plan and so you will require 10 separate forms if you want to comment on them all.  I have commented on 7 of them. Each of your comments must be no more than 100 words long, although your full submission may be as long as you wish.  Your 100 word précis should be shown in Question 3 of the Representation Form.  Anything more needs a separate sheet of paper. 100 words equates to about 9 lines of writing.

If you would like a meeting, at a convenient location, on any day this week, please contact Pat at  If you have any specific queries we can try to help with them. Let us show that Killamarsh does care!

Please cry for help on the Rage Facebook page, or on the Rage website if you need it, but please ensure that you make the effort to comment.  This is our last chance before the inspection of the Plan by the Government official.  Complaining then may be fruitless if we have shown indifference at this last consultation stage.

Paul Johnson, Chair of R.A.G.E.

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