Ann & Barbara’s Walks

Beautiful shots from Ann and Barbara, taken while walking the site ~

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Other examples of things seen by Ann and Barbara, but were unable to get a photograph of, are listed below.

Old hedgerows between Green Lane and Upperthorpe Road.

Field Maple          Holly            Hawthorn              Ash           Oak

Dog rose              Hazel           Crab apple            Blackberry

Elder                    Buckthorn     Pussy Willow

Flowers and grasses

Harebell    English bluebell

Egg and Bacon     Knapweed     Bush vetch           Centaury

Red clover             Red Campion      Bladder campion

Buttercup               Timothy          Ox-eye daisy        Creeping bent

Marsh Orchid          Bee orchid      Ragged Robin     Cinquefoil

Forget-me-not         Sorrel              Pimpernel            Ribwort

Vetch                       Sweet vernal     Common Spikerush

Ryegrass                  Willowherb     Bluebell   Bracken  Toadflax

This is far from being a fully comprehensive list of  flora,but our most important  possibly are the bluebell  (not contaminated by Spanish bluebell) and the orchids.

Deer,foraging badgers, foxes, rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, weasels, stoats,  BATS

Barn owls   Little Owls  Swallows. Martins  Woodpeckers  Willow warblers  Reed Buntings  Yellowhammer  Whitethroat  Skylarks    Pheasant     Blackbirds  Great  tit  Blue tit

Long Tailed Tit    Bullfinches  Goldfinches  Greenfinches  Fieldfares  Redwings    Buzzard  Sparrowhawk    Thrush  Woodpidgeon  Collared Doves  Chaffinch

All this,  plus an ancient dewpond  on grassland that has never been ploughed  with the exception of one small area.